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The Home Depot: Roofs, Windows, and Doors

The Challenge

The Home Depot is known as a DIY warehouse.  Many customers don’t know that this store also offers installation experts that will come to your home and install windows and doors for you.  They wanted to demonstrate this using videos on a micro-site interactive advertising campaign.  They targeted customers that wanted the affordable price of a DIY, but didn’t have the expertise to do the installation themselves. Home Depot hired Ground Floor Video, an Atlanta video production company to come along beside them to produce these on line spots.


The Solution

Ground Floor video and their highly qualified video production team went on location showing frustrated customers who decided to call on the professionals at The Home Depot to do their window and door installations.  The result?  A highly successful campaign that educated the customers that they can shop at Home Depot without being an expert on window and door installations. 

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