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Livestreaming without a Net

Livestreaming from remote locations with no wired internet connection provides an extra level of skill and technical experience that few live streaming companies possess.  For years, Ground Floor Video has perfected a process that combines numerous cell towers into a uniquely strong system that delivers an HD video stream from locations with NO internet connections.  Rallies, concerts and live events present difficult streaming problems from some, but Ground Floor Video can overcome thousands of people in an audience contending for cellular data and deliver an HD stream to the internet audience with their own system.  Recently in Washington, DC on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol building, Ground Floor provided a multi-camea livestream for a large rally hosted by Tea Party Patriots where there was NO wired internet connection or Wifi.    


“We were able to utilize our technology to connect the HD video feed to Facebook and YouTube for the entire afternoon with no dropout.   The biggest challenge was viewing our computer screens in the direct sunlight and beating the heat, because umbrellas and shelters are not allowed on Capitol grounds”. – Luke Livingston, Ground Floor Video


Making sure that viewers can both see AND hear speakers at a live event is critical.  With two cameras and professional microphones, Ground Floor Video’s stream was simulcast to an audience of  1 million Facebook subscribers on YouTube in perfect high definition quality ensuring that no one missed a moment of the rally.


If you know an reporter, campaign chief or event organizer who needs to livestream from the middle of nowhere, have them visit today. 


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