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High Energy SAGE Rally Goes LIVE!

Being an innovator in corporate live streaming is one of the things that sets Ground Floor Video apart from the rest.  For almost ten years, Ground Floor Video has been perfecting the technical skill required to deliver a live stream from anywhere to anywhere.  When SAGE called Ground Floor, we were ready to deliver on time and on budget.  SAGE Group is an international company providing accounting software resources and numerous other financial business solutions to companies both large and small.  Their corporate rally to kick off their 2018 fiscal year was a large event with 600 employees, signs, speakers, audience interaction and important communication information relevant to their world-wide offices. 


“Live Streaming is basically a television show sent out over the internet.” Livingston said.  “With camera switching, video roll-ins and PowerPoint, we can produce a live show and send it anywhere.  And we can protect private information by using password protected access to the stream.”  Luke Livingston – Ground Floor Video


Making sure that each employee felt a part of the celebration required a live stream that was not only technically perfect, but intimate enough to capture each joyous moment from the audience at the rally.   Ground Floor Video provided a full crew with four cameras to make sure nothing was missed.   From flying paper airplanes to smiling faces waving signs, the event streamed right into each of SAGE's offices locations around the world.  Working with the Internal Communication Manager of SAGE, Luke Livingston connected the unique live stream system he has developed and sent High Definition video to each office.  With camera crews ready to pan and zoom in as the action unfolded on the floor of the auditorium, the stream captured every corner of the 600-guest event at Atlanta's Infinate Energy Center. 


If you know a Marketing, Internal Communicaitons or Training Manager who needs to reach a live internal audience with ease and simplicty, please have them contact 


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