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Arauco North America Livestream

Live Streaming for corporate events around the world is nothing new to Ground Floor Video, but it is a new idea to some of our clients.  ARAUCO needed to communicate a very important corporate event in real time to their offices across North America.  It was the reveal of new branding for all of their North America operations, including a new logo, colors, imaging and fonts.  The video quality had to be broadcast quality and in high definition 1080p.   Plus, it needed to be a simple, seamless experience for the remote viewers with no buffering or drop-outs of the live video.    


“It was our first time using streaming for a rather complicated event where we had to connect more than 12 locations across North America with PowerPoint presentation, videos and different people presenting.  Having someone like Luke and his team walking us through the process was key to the success of the event.”  Sebastian Cremaschi – ARAUCO.


Planning began weeks out working with ARAUCO’s social media team, I.T. department and building engineers.   Ground Floor suggested using ARAUCO’s YouTube account to deliver the livestream because it offered some level of privacy for internal company communications.  By setting the live event to “unlisted” it was hidden from search engines so only those locations with the link would be able to watch.   To ensure a high-quality viewer experience, Ground Floor provided a live test feed from their studio 10 days out from the event so ARAUCO offices could test the audio/video playback quality of their host facilites.  The I.T department was able to address any issues in advance and guarentee the network bandwidth.  An on-site survey of the corporate theater was completed to insure it met the proper requirements for audio and video connections. A design plan was created for stage layout, projectors, audience seating and presenter positions. 


“Our approach is to make the livesteam experience as easy and turn-key as possible for our clients. We’ve been producing corporate videos for years so we begin with the basics like pre-production planning, client review of content and solid technical integration.”   Luke Livingston – Ground Floor Video


On the morning of the livestream Ground Floor Video’s four man crew set up the equipment in the theater auditorium in time for a rehersal so Cremaschi could work with the CEO and walk through their presentations.  In the afternoon they went live and Livingston switched between the cameras, PowerPoint screens and videos all while monitoring the livestream feed.  The event went off without a hitch with very impressive new branding stealing the show.   


“The technical competence of the team, attention to details and flexibility are things that we really value from Ground Floor Video.  We were not just rookies on this but we also had to reschedule the event in very short notice due to hurricane Irma.  Luke was able to adapt to the circumstances and deliver a fantastic product.  It was a great experience working with him!”


ARAUCO is an innovator in forestry, renewable and sustainable products and energy.  To work with this international company and provide a corporate livestream to their locations around North America was truly an honor.  –  Livingston


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