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June 18, 2014

Our New State-of-the-Art 24TB Video Server

Today, telling a compelling story or producing a sales presentation with video requires a complex, multi-format digital workflow.  As HD video has evolved, Atlanta video production facilites like Ground Floor Video have had to store thousands of huge HD video files on an array of external hard drives connected via USB or Firewire across the network.  This can mean as many as 30 hard drives or more strung together.   Editors become bogged down, spending time sifting through the many places where a client’s HD video is “tucked away” on the system.   “We needed more space without adding external hard drives”, says Luke Livingston, Executive Producer. Ground Floor Video chose the Platform solution from ProMAX.  “Now we have 24 Terabytes of super fast video storage which means all our workgroups are connected to one source of HD and 4K video.  This unlocks our collaborative process and allows efficent ways to quickly access all our HD video files”, says Editor, Adam Greene. Better yet, the Platform server includes a very powerful transcoder module to export final video master files to variety of popular formats clients can easily use.  “It can export directly to YouTube, which will speed up project delivery for many of our Atlanta Video Production clients”; says Livingston.    

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