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Award Winning - INVALIDATED

CLICK HERE >> Watch NOW on Amazon Prime Video.  Our client approached us with an important issue having a negative impact on innovation in the United States; "US Patent protection is weakening, leaving innovators wide open to having their ideas ripped off."  Our documentary film team began to research the harms of weakening patent laws - something your really don't think about, right?  Patents are a complicted and abstract topic. How do we connect with our film's audience with a good story so they'll take action to make a positive change?  But, once we uncovered the incredible stories of inventors who were left unprotected by their hard earned patents, our story began to take shape.   When father of eight, Josh Malone, invents a genius a way to fill 100 water balloons in 60 seconds, his invention "Bunch O Balloons" becomes an overnight success on Kickstarter and an international viral hit! Scrambling to get his idea to market and bring financial security to his family, Josh applies for a US Patent.  Suddenly, his plans of success are blindsided when his genius idea is stolen by a big company before he can make his first dime! Thrust into a battle to save his invention he uncovers the shocking truth that our patent system is weakening,  property rights are at risk and American Innovation is dying!  Interviews with experts like former Attorney General, Ed Meese, Inventor and Congressional Representative, Thomas Massie, Antonin Scalia Law Professor and IP expert Adam Mossoff provide shocking information about the state of the weakening US Patent system.  Other inventors share their stories of theft, patent invalidation and difficulty finding investors for their patented innovations.  Ken Blackwell, Leonard Leo, Dr. Matthew Spalding and conservative leader Dan Schneider all provide valuable insights into how the current system is harming Americans and the American innovation economy.  With theft of US intellectual property by China topping $600 billion per year, other countries are profiting off the ideas and labor of American inventors.  Big tech companies are finding it easier and cheaper to infringe on patents rather than pay the patent owners.  With an administrative tribunal pulling patents back from inventors, there is no safe place to bring an invention to the marketplace in America and our innovation is going overseas.  The United States once led the world in new medications, new technology, and new ideas. American inventors and their inventions touched the lives of people in every country, of every race and every language. But our weakening Patent system is INVALIDATING their property rights – and with it, their incentive to create. Money and inventions are now going to other countries, and with them go jobs and a strong economy.  Building something and owning it IS the American Dream, but without a strong patent system, the American Dream will be invalidated!  WATCH NOW on Amazon Prime Video

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"INVALIDATED is worth checking out. [Amazon Prime] Sure, it's a polemic aimed at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and it's entirely one-sided. But the personal stories of the Malone family and other inventors featured in the film are compelling and effectively told. The passion these inventors share about creating, the grievance they experience from feeling their ideas are being ripped off, and their sense of betrayal from the government they thought would protect them should not be brushed aside too quickly.   "
"Director, Luke Livingston of Ground Floor Video accepts Best Documentary award for "INVALIDATED"  at the Anthem Film Festival in Las Vegas in July 2019.   INVALIDATED is about the weakening of the US Patent system and how it negativity impacts inventors and innovation. See it now on Amazon Prime and iTunes.  This is the 2nd Best Documentary award for INVALIDATED. "

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