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November 11, 2015

Top eLearning Statistics for LMS and Facts For 2015

According to, “The eLearning industry isn't showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, an increasing number of individuals, corporations, and institutions are turning to eLearning as they recognize its effectiveness and its convenience.” Ground Floor Video has over twenty-five years’ experience in producing training videos and eLearning products for their clients.  Chick-fil-A, Loma, The Home Depot, Active Parenting, Fire House Subs, County Election Bureaus, Bruce Hardwood, Bosch Tools, Primrose Schools, Baxter Healthcare, UPS,  and many others have depended upon the team at Ground Floor Video to produce high quality, e-learning videos for employee training.  Take a look at the following facts provided by


The Global eLearning Industry Market.
The global eLearning Market is expected to reach $107 billion by 2015 [5]. The global self-paced eLearning market reached $32.1 billion in revenue in 2010 [3], with a five year compound annual growth rate of approximately 9.2%. This means that the self-paced eLearning market should see estimated revenues of $49.9 billion in 2015 [3].


Learning Management System Market.
The LMS market was worth $2.55 billion in 2013 with an estimated compound annual growth rate of approximately 25.2% [2]. In other words, the LMS market is expected to worth approximately $4 billion in 2015 and over $7 billion in 2018. The highest proportion of revenue contribution is expected to be generated in North America.


Mobile Learning Market.
The worldwide market for Mobile Learning products and services reached $5.3 billion in 2012 [7]. With a compound annual growth rate of 18.2% for the next five years, it is estimated that the worldwide mobile learning market in 2015 will reach $8.7 billion and it will even reach $12.2 billion by 2017. 



MOOCs in Corporate Training. (Massive Open Online Course)
Currently 8% of companies use MOOCs, while another 7% consider to experiment with MOOCs. It is predicted that in the following two years this percentage will rise to 28% [4].

Online Corporate Training.
The online corporate market is expected to grow by 13% per year up to 2017. Today, 77% of USA companies offer online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees [9].


Learning Technologies
The learning technologies used for 2014 were as follows [6]:


74% of companies currently use Learning management systems (LMS) and Virtual classroom/ webcasting/ video broadcasting
48% of companies currently use Rapid eLearning Tool (ppt conversion tool)
33% of companies currently use Application simulation tool
25% of companies currently use Learning Content Management System
21% of companies currently use Online performance support or knowledge management system
18% of companies currently use Mobile Applications
11% of companies currently use Podcasting.


These important eLearning statistics and facts for 2015 are an indicator that the future of the eLearning industry is paved with exponential growth and immense potential for profit. Now, more than ever, learners and companies are turning to eLearning courses and online training events achieve their personal and professional goals. And 2015 holds the promise of even more learners expanding their educational horizons. Video training, elearning, podcasting and web training are the most effective, efficient and affordable means for training in your industry.  Call Ground Floor Video, an Atlanta video production company to save you time, money and resources. 



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