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May 9, 2017

Telling Stories with Video

Ground Floor Video has completed a 4-minute video for FBC Woodstock about Foster Care highlighting the story of one foster family and their journey.   A father went looking for his daughter, but what he found was a whole new family.  The foster couple have the child two days a week, enabling the father to work full time and keep the cost of day care in his budget.  Truly a sweet story with a happy ending, Ground Floor Video was honored to be a part of the telling of this story.  We can tell your story too.  This project began with interviews of both families, then a loose script based on their stories was crafted.  The shoot was scheduled and the editing complete all within ten days’ turnaround.  Ground Floor Video has been telling stories for years.  Let us help you tell yours! 


A WeFoster Story - Nevaeh from FBCWoodstock on Vimeo.

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