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February 14, 2017

Ground Floor Video Live Streams YAF Conference

Young America’s Foundation’s held their annual Freedom Conference in Dallas, Texas on February 10 and 11.   Students from thirty one states and over 134 schools were represented.  The Dallas Marriott City Center was host to the event.  Ground Floor Video provided the livestream services pushing the conference out to the worldwide internet via Youtube and Facebook.   Speakers at the event included New York Times Bestselling Author and former presidential candidate Herman Cain.  Dinesh D’Souza Bestselling Author and Executive producer of two films also spoke at the conference.  Other speakers included, Todd Starnes and Dana Loesch, Syndicated Radio Hosts and David Hacker from the Texas Attorney General Office of Special Litigation.  The entire conference was streamed by Ground Floor Video utilizing four cameras, a three man crew and was switched live during the event.   Ground Floor Video has more experience with live stream than any other production company.  We travel to any event from large cities to acres of pasture.  We stream rallies, conferences, CEO messages, debate, concerts and award ceremonies.  Contact us for your next livestream production.

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