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August 16, 2016

Don’t Count on Your Cell Phone to Live Stream

Never miss an event again!   Ground Floor Video Live carried the RNC  from Cleveland and the DNC from Philadelphia live to viewers all around the world.  With live stream there is never a need to wait on the main stream media to report what is happening on the ground.   Our experienced team of camera operators, technical directors and editors produce content as it happens and then push it out onto the internet for viewers to watch in real time.  Luke Livingston of Ground Floor Video describes the process that separates us from the rest of the pack.  “One of the most important aspects of any event is making sure our team and our client’s interest are protected from liability. We carry general liability insurance on our equipment, workman’s comp on our crew as well as a full library of music covered by our music license. And our team has years of experience in shooting, editing and directing. When it comes to making real time decisions and providing quality and leadership, experience matters!”  
From full blown sets with hosts and interviews to news crews covering impromptu rallies and protests, Ground Floor streamed both conventions and provided footage most other news outlets missed.  Our crews have years of experience with the live stream process so they can catch any glitches before they happen.  Our equipment makes sure that lights, sound and the images are crystal clear.  Too many other forms of Livestream, leave the viewer frustrated because they can’t hear or see what is happening.  By using multiple cameras, high quality microphones and lighting; Ground Floor can live switch between those speaking to make sure the viewer sees everything.  We can also insert video or still images or graphics to help explain a process.   We are a travelling television station complete with equipment, crew and don’t forget that all important insurance and proper licenses.  Give us a call to set up your next live stream, because you only get one chance to get a live event right.
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