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Why Live Stream?

Live Stream Your Next Event


Corporate Communications

When you need to connect people across a scattered landscape and multiple time zones live streaming from Ground Floor Video Liveoffers clear and concise quality video insuring that your message is seen and heard. From strategic announcements to State-of-the-Company addresses, live streaming puts your event right in front of your audience.


Sporting Events and Concerts

Capture all the action and the reaction from fans in the stands andfans not on hand. Live stream the sights and sounds to a targeted audience across multiple channels. Ground Floor Video Liveprovides multi-camera capabilities that add to the excitement by going behind the scenes while the event is happening.


Training & Product Rollout

Keep your employees on the same page with real time training that ensures viewing and learning. Introduce new products utilizing close-ups, power point insertions and video roll-ins.



Expand your audience beyond brick and mortar with a superior viewing experience. Ground Floor Video Live broadcasts your conference in real-time, amplifying the impact of your event.Ground Floor Video Live incorporates custom branding, PowerPoint and social media interaction. Pre-produced video roll-ins will take your conference to a Fortune 500 look and feel.



Ground Floor Video Live archives your event instantly for video on demand later. Maximize the return on your live stream investment by repeating your broadcast for different time zones to accommodate your audience.

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