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The Border States of America Trailer

“In The Border States of America, Ground Floor Video has put together a film every American needs to see,” says Executive Producer and Director Luke Livingston. “GFV not only tells the story in pictures that will astound viewers, but tells the truth through the words of the law enforcement officials and the ranchers who live with the realities of our porous border and its consequences every day.”

In just under an hour, GFV’s The Border States of America dispels any preconceptions that America’s southern border is secure. Countless illegal aliens are coming across the border every day. Drug smuggling and human trafficking are the rule rather than the exception. Would-be immigrants from dozens of nationalities are paying “coyotes” to smuggle them into the U.S. Once they’re across, they disperse all over the country. Often, they bring with them dangerous cultures and even diseases.

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