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LOMA Customer Service

The Challenge

This client needed a training video utilizing multiple actors talking on the phone with a wide range of customers to demonstrate the proper way to handle every situation.  LOMA needed an Atlanta Video production company that could get several days of production and hours of audio voice over work done in an efficient, cost-effective manner while also creating an entertaining video. 

The Solution

Ground Floor Video streamlined the process by building a custom office set inside their large production studio.  With real size cubicles, desks and even a water cooler area, the crew was able to shoot all the actors delivering the client’s script quickly and beautifully.  After finishing their on-camera work, the same actors went into the Ground Floor Video audio booth and recorded several “customer” phone calls by changing voice styles and characters.  Each actor was able to do both on-camera and voice-over work in one day, saving the client money and the crew addition production days. Beautiful lighting, jib arm and dolly moves created a high quality project while working within the client’s budget and still exceeding their expectations.

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