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CPAC: The Conservative Political Action Convention Live Stream

The Challenge

The Conservative Political Action Convention is an annual event held in Washington D.C. and attended by thousands of conservatives.  Many more that cannot make the trip must wait on nightly newscasts with short sound bites from the speakers and brief news packages from the convention floor.  The Tea Party Patriots wanted to live stream the event to their members across the country.   Covering such a large event and getting it out live to their audience was the goal.

The Solution

While Ground Floor Video is an Atlanta area production facility, we easily travel to other locations complete with lights, cameras and crews.  For this client, we built a news set boasting our client’s logo and hosted by two popular conservative anchors.  Thousands of conventioneers crowded our set to watch our live stream shows.  In addition to two, one-hour live shows each day, our crews recorded packages of the big events at the conference, edited them and inserted them into our live feed.  Those Patriots unable to make the conference were able to participate on the internet thanks to our video production company that provided the Live Stream event.

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